Welcome to Stone Memorial Christian Church! If you are visiting please take a moment and fill out a connection card. See the tear off connection card at the bottom right hand corner of your bulletin or you can also go to our website - We would love to get to know you better, answer your questions, and pray for you!

Connection Card: Please fill out the connection card if you have any prayer request, change in your information, and concerns. You can also fill it out through the SMCC app.

THIS WEEK, Feb 22—Feb 26
Mid-Week Gathering Note: The Wednesday night gathering will be in the Main Auditorium at 7:00 pm.

Benefit for Donna Scearce: Tuesday, March 2, Jerry’s Pizza is hosting a fundraiser for Donna Scearce to raise money for medical expenses. We encourage all of you to go and support this great cause. You can dine in or get carry out. In order for the portion of funds to go towards her medical expenses, you must let them know your with SMCC!

Wild Game Supper: Mark your calendars for the Wild Game Supper on Saturday, March 6. We are asking that the ladies provide a dessert.

Joy Circle: The Joy Circle is getting back together! They will meet Thursday, March 11th at 10:00 am.

Marshmallow Roast: Come out and enjoy a bonfire and hotdog supper on Wednesday, March 17 starting at 6 pm. We will meet across the street and don’t forget to bring a lawn chair.

Night To Shine: The new dates have been scheduled. The Drive-Thru will be Friday, March 19th from 6—7 pm. Saturday, March 20th from 2—4 pm we will split into groups and go to their homes. We need volunteers for both events! Sign-up sheet on bulletin board.

Easter Sunrise Service: Sunday, April 4 starting at 7 am. Join us at Jack Dalton Park for the Sunrise Service. Several churches will attend with us for fellowship and worship. Bring a chair and breakfast will be served after the gathering.

Grace Network Donation: Bisquick( baking mix-small) For Jan—Mar

Team Donna Bracelets: If you would like to have a Team Donna bracelet, please contact Heather at the church office. These bracelets are $5 per bracelet. All donations will go towards Donna’s medical expenses.

Love Offering: The church has purchased a vehicle for a family in need. If you would like to make a donation please put it in the offering plate. You can also mail your donation to the church office. Either way you make a donation, please note that it is for a car donation.

Thank You Note: Thank you to each and everyone for the kindness you have shown me and my family during this journey we are on right now. Your love and support has been overwhelming. I can truly say that I understand what the ‘footprints’ words mean now. I truly fell that God has been carrying me through this difficult time and I have certainly felt ‘HIS’ presence. Please continue to lift up those prayers.
—Love, Donna Scearce

Prayer List:
Tom Oliver, Leslie Shivley, Debbie Ashworth’s mother, Sandy Via, David Richardson, Becky Amos, Jennifer Hollyfield, Natasha Goodwin, Gil Lancaster, Jackie Padgett, Joel Hollingsworth, Gary Hill, Cindy Wynn, James Jenkins, Leona Pendleton, Janice Inman, Madeline Hubbard, Jean Watts, Amy Shepherd, Lawrence Harris, Karren Meeks, Morris & Jan Rogers, Mission in Haiti, Marie Handy, Norma Fuller, Nikki Oakes, Brenda Thacker, Patsy Deisher, Brenda Young, Pauline Miles, Gary Brown, Phillip Jamison, Peggy Atwal, Tommy Wyatt, Ricky Carter Ralph Miller, Sue Merriman, Donnie Trantham, Donna Scearce, Maria Gauldin, Donna Wilson Daughter—Joan, Sam and Dana Williams, Jay Wilkinson, Patsy Rico, Judy Hatcher, Ethan Thiel, the Hollingsworth family.