Announcements 7-19-2020

• No one with a fever or symptoms of COVID—19, or known exposure to a COVID—19 case in the prior 14 days, is permitted in the building.
• Individuals attending must be seated at least six feet apart at all times and must practice physical distancing at all times.
• Please no physical contact during this re-opening phase!
• We are not being anti-social. We are taking these precautions for the consideration of your health and safety. We want to protect YOU!
• Communion will be placed in the cup holders in your pew (no one will be passing the trays).
• You will be able to place your offering at the main auditorium doors as you exit.
• The balcony area is closed.
• All children ministry activities will be postponed until further notice. All children will remain with their parents during our gatherings.

Due to the Executive Order 65 we are asking that everyone wear their mask while in the building. Deposable mask are available at the entrances of the sanctuary.
Please throw your communion cups in the trash before you leave. There are trash bins at the exits of the sanctuary.
Connection Card: It is imperative that you utilize the SMCC app. Fill out the connection card through the app if you have any prayer requests, change in your information,and concerns. This is also a record of attendance.
Church Nominations: The elections that were scheduled for June will be postponed until after the SMCC family has returned to a normal attendance period. We are asking for those that were scheduled to rotate off of the SMCC Board to remain until the election which will likely be this fall. We will update this schedule when the COVID –19 threat has passed.

THIS WEEK, July 20 – July 24

Mission for the Homeless: This meeting is postponed until further notice. It is encouraged to work on the mats at home. We are still the hands and feet of the Lord. Any mats that can be made during this difficult time will be a blessing to someone in need!

SMCC Kayaking: Saturday, August 8 starting at 9:00 am. Come out and join the SMCC team for a good time and fellowship. Meet at the South Martinsville River Access (184 Tensbury Drive, Martinsville) and enjoy a great 5-hour float to the Mitchell Bridge take out (2404 Mitchell Road, Ridgeway). Pack a lunch and plenty to drink. You will need to provide your own kayak/canoe. We will help with the shuttle service.

Grace Network Donation: Juice (40 – 64 oz) For July – Sept
Bobby and Maddie – Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts for all your hard work and dedication you have done for the youth and the church family! We will miss you both and we wish you the best in your next adventure God has planned. We love you both!